To Blog or Not to Blog

top mommy blogs

I have no less than five new blog posts swirling in my head at all times. Actually, some have been swirling for so long that they would no longer be considered “new”. The problem is that I have this self-imposed pressure to write every post like it is my doctoral dissertation. I also tend to disappear into the writing and it is ALL I want to do. For DAYS. (At this point I am tempted to make some joke about forgetting to clean the house or feed the kids but then someone would judge me and think I am a bad mom. So never mind). I am trying to be more informal and will start letting myself simply post short anecdotes sometimes. Better for everyone in my household. Hopefully that won’t change the overall tone of the blog too much.

Speaking of blogging, I am thrilled to announce that Seriously Not Boring was added to the “Top Mommy Blogs” directory last month! It will hopefully help this little page reach a wider audience. In order to STAY in that directory I need your help, though. Please click on the “Top Mommy Blogs” widget in the sidebar (there is an example of the picture at the top of this post as a visual aid). That’s IT. Could you pleasepleasepleaseprettyplease take a moment and do that clicky thang? That simple little motion counts as your vote that Seriously Not Boring is awesome and stuff, and we move up in the rankings.  Thank you so much for the support!

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