A Smile Instead of Judgement


Strange, unexpected things happen in front of us all the time, and the unusual behavior of others may cause you to raise an eyebrow (or two). It’s just a fact of life. Speaking as one of those people who more often than not is the cause of such a scene I would ask that you think twice before rushing to judgement. You never really know what is going on, or why. It would also be nice if you could smile at people instead of sneering at them, because they may be in desperate need of some compassion. You don’t know how many times I have wished I could say that to the mean-face-making people I encounter.

It was a Tuesday night, I was going on 4 hours sleep, and had been frantically working for the past two days on an issue that was both unexpected and time-sensitive. I was already done. My two boys and I showed up just in time for the Talent Show at their Elementary School and sat in the back of a packed house. My youngest  has an Autism Spectrum Disorder that tends towards the Asperger’s side, with some ADHD as well as Sensory seeking AND avoiding behaviors thrown in (just to make things even more Not Boring). I have ADD and some Sensory Processing struggles myself, and when I am exhausted or in a crowd those struggles are intensified. Some days I am able to effectively cope with my own issues as well as my son’s occasionally unpredictable behavior. This was not one of those days. Continue reading