Joking Around with Mr. Chris


Here is a shorter version of our conversation with Christopher Ulmer, the well-known exceptional education teacher who created the page “Special Books by Special Kids.” Basically this is the gag reel, and it is less than three minutes of Mr. Chris joking around with the Little Ninja. There is an eyeball crossing contest and the famous Noodle Dog even makes an appearance. It was fun to see firsthand how much Chris enjoys interacting with children.

To see the longer version and to read a recap of our entire conversation you can visit the previous post: Our Talk with Christopher Ulmer of Special Books by Special Kids: A Seriously Not Boring Interview. While we talked Chris described his students with a great deal of pride, saying, “The children in my class are some of the most honest, pure and happy kids in the world. They see things how they really are. They don’t see all the excess stuff… and I think if we all saw things that way the world would be a better place.” In that post you can learn more about Chris’s teaching philosophy and why he thinks the SBSK message is so important.

Thanks again for talking with us, Mr. Chris, and it was nice to “meet” you!


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