The School Conference That Made Me Cry


I recently attended a conference at my 3rd grader’s school and it totally made me cry. This time, however, it was a GOOD cry (although also a borderline “ugly cry” too). All because my youngest son has incredible teachers, and he has some amazing, supportive classmates. But let me rewind…

Parents of children with special needs are used to crying in conferences and IEP meetings. We walk into the room bracing ourselves because we feel raw, vulnerable and are afraid of what we might hear. (We brace ourselves every time the phone rings during the school day, too!) In some school settings our children do not always get the support and services that they need. Resources are limited, teachers are exhausted, and classmates can be cruel. I feel blessed to say that has NOT been our experience at my son’s school. From the beginning Team Ninja has been full of exceptional, patient, caring teachers who have found creative ways to help my son THRIVE.  Continue reading

In Memoriam


Today marks the anniversary of the death of a very special man, Raymond Goss, Jr., who was my English teacher during Senior year of High School. He was an amazing, unique, passionate educator that helped ignite a passion for learning within the hearts of students.  A recent posting described the amazing way that students responded when he became ill a few years ago. In the two weeks before he died he received hundreds of pieces of correspondence from grateful former students, some he had not heard from in decades. It was a beautiful thing to witness. You can read the whole story here

Mr. Goss passed away before he could read any of my post High School efforts at writing, but I hope he would be proud. I am also pleased that all the new visitors to this page get to learn about what an interesting man he was. I guess that is what you call full circle.

NOTE: In hindsight, the original version of this posting seemed more about ME than HIM.  I apologize, it has now been revised.